I hate complete strangers on Facebook who sends friend requests

I may not know about you, but personally I find them annoying, pesky and downright a thorn in the flesh. Or a pain in the bum. Whichever you choose.

For me, privacy is an integral part of my life. If I choose not to add people I do not know, it is my choice. I hate people, complete strangers, whom I know nothing about, coming up to me in social networking sites and say “hey let’s be friends add me pweez.” To that I say go jump off a bridge, I do not even know you.

I only add personal friends I know in Facebook. Keeps the interface clean and simple. No more stupid updates from vague acquaintances. I just went and deleted like two dozen contacts whom I regard as no more than annoying additions to my Facebook-ing experience.

And what a relief it was to slam the door in their faces.

What would you feel when someone adds you just for fun? At first it might seem okay, there is no harm done right? Yet after some time it gets annoying. You get updates from people you barely know. I really, really despise that.

So yeah. Goodbye strangers.

Perfumes and scents

I have a thing with scents. Cannot really explain why. I doubt there is anyone who does not like the whiff of something he or she subconsciously likes. They trigger your floodgates of emotions, unleashing an unexplainable torrent of feelings you either want to ignore or be drowned in.

I cannot quite put a finger on the very distinct scent I like. It defies words. The only things that comes to mind when I smell it is of a serene, tranquil picture, a faraway meadow with clear blue sky and a sea of daffodils reflecting the sunlight. Perhaps I have a thing for scented flowers. Yet let me assure you I am not a weird guy who likes scented flowers. Research has proven certain flowers produce  chemical substance that gives off wonderful scents and triggers certain parts of your brain.

Then again, what kind of smell I like also depends on my mood. Sometimes another type of scent invokes shades of red in my mind – velvet red curtains and scented candles and rose petals-strewn beds. Let me stop here, you get the picture. That intoxicating scent that can send your heart into overdrive. I cannot remember the last time I felt this way – most often than not I catch the whiff from some unknown lady passing by or some close female friends. Lest I should sound like a pervert, let me just say I only know the scent when I smell it. I could not describe it in 100 years even if I wanted to.

With the advent of the term ‘metrosexual’ which almost exclusively applies to men, many a self-conscious macho guys now use perfumes to appear sophisticated and lets people look at them in a whole new different light. As in manly yet sensitive. Fortunately I have yet to come across many of these. Otherwise I would get caught up and start spraying stuff on myself, which I doubt has any benefits anyway unless it is for a special occasion.

What makes me wonder, though, is why some girls do not like perfume. Hmm. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Tears and rain

I remember this highly emotional song from James Blunt. I used to listen to it whenever I feel the blues because the lyrics are so in tune and you feel your soul flowing along the soothing albeit sad river of tunes. It was a very wrong sort of bliss where you escape and try to soak yourself in a bad, bad dream that you wish you would never wake up from because it would not make much difference anyway, being awake and asleep.

Get what I mean? Never mind.

Last night, torrents of rain washed out the foul scent from the air and people woke up to fresh, cool air after what seemed like ages of choking haze. The news reported that it was actually man-made, apparently using the latest flare technology from the US. Cloud-seeding is not new in Sarawak. It does exactly that – encourage formation of clouds. I guess it was a wee bit too effective, judging from the extent of heavy rain last night.

Yet today, a sort of gloomy weather hangs over the city. Looks like it is about to rain, with the air being cool and moist and thunder rumbling in the distance. I hate this weather. Brings up all sort of sad feelings inside me. I wonder why bad weather makes me feel this way.

Gah. Wish the clouds will get it over and be done soon. I feel like they are gloating and taunting me, deliberately not letting the water down and just hanging in the sky, letting me stew in my own dark world.

Cleared the final hurdle

The old Sony Ericsson J230i rang with vigour. A new message, I thought. Then it hit me, gosh, not now. I am still not ready yet.

With a heavy heart I walked towards it and picked it up. New message from Evon. Hmmm. Pressed ‘read’. “Checked yours?” Two simple words that sent my heart into an adrenaline-stimulated blood-pumping frantic organ that seemed to scream for a relieve by exploding.

Slowly I picked up my other phone, the ancient Nokia and dialled KTT’s number.

Then I put down the phone. All of a sudden, the world seemed a little bit brighter.

I used to spend time, wondering whether the time will come or nay. Either way, everything still depended on us passing the A2 exam, even though we have got our placements at the universities. Apparently many people scored perfect score of 15, way better than our AS.

With the final hurdle cleared, we are ready to fly. Now, it seems, all of us can proudly hold our heads high in the air and say “Czech Republic, here we come.”

Oh boy, I have been waiting for ages to say that. Thank you Lord.

Searching for monetisation ideas

These few days I have been quite busy trying to find some monetisation ideas for my blog. Sponsored blog posting was the rave back then but the popularity is starting to decrease with the advent of micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter.

I found some search engine marketing platforms and applied as publishers for those so now I am still waiting for the application approval. Once they approve (I hope they do), then it should be plain sailing from there on.

Plus there are so many other methods to monetise a website, so I shall not attempt to list or describe them all. Perhaps I should write a simple eBook and distribute it free for anyone who is interested to learn how to make some income from their blogs or website. *evil grin*

Anyway, back to reality. Nothing much happened these past few days, life goes on. The A2 results should be out soon. I am feeling pretty nervous about it. Heck, I doubt there is anyone who is not feeling at least some sort of apprehension or dread thinking about it.

When I realised how time flies, it makes me cringe even more since we only have less than 2 months to relax and rest. Even though part of me looks forward to a whole new life at Czech Republic, I still have some lingering sadness about leaving this place which I call home.

No time to despair. Let’s get back to work.

1Malaysia frenzy

I went to Maybank today with mum to buy some 1Malaysia fund units. What really makes me wonder is just how much money Kuching people have. Since 8.00a.m. people have been queuing  up! When we reached there, there were already more than 50 people in front of us, patiently waiting for the bank to open.

Some even brought small stools to sit and read newspapers while waiting. Talk about time management. :P

When the doors opened, people rushed in like they were going after some free cash inside the bank. Heck, Maybank people should have yelled “Free money! Free money!” to make it even crazier.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I stood and waited for two and a half hours before everything is done.

Today I received a letter from KTT and it says I have to attend some sort of convocation ceremony on 18th August.

My first reaction was of utter horror and disbelief. I just bought AirAsia tickets for 18th August. The ceremony is scheduled to be in the morning, my flight is at 10 something in the morning. By the time I get there people would be already leaving.

Okay, that is point number 1. Point number 2: ceremony is for mainly Diploma students but it says A-Levels people for 2008 July intake also has to attend. For what reason, no idea.

Point number 3. All male have to wear “Baju kot/lounge suit warna gelap, kasut warna gelap.” I have to shell out another 300 bucks for this?

Point number 4. Kehadiran diwajibkan. Heck yeah, sponsor my air tickets and I would certainly go.

I really feel like going on and on and pouring out scores of rude, obscene words but let us just leave it at that.

Hmm. I have to ask whether the others are going or not.

UPDATE: I sent an SMS to Pn. Salina, she said A-Levels people are invited but it is up to us to decide. I called Pn. Azian who is in charge, and she said the same thing. What a great relief, best news I have heard in days.

Of deteriorating English and rotting brain

After almost a month of being back home in Kuching, I came to one conclusion – my mind is rotting and my English is starting to deteriorate. Like an old rumbling, rusty steam engine still trying to chug along even though it knows it is bound to fail and break down into thousands of tiny little brownish rusty cogs and wheels. Bah humbug.

I seem to lose that ‘flair’ or ‘ability’ or ‘thingamajig’ to whip up stories or write good stuff like I used to. In the past, whenever I get into the mood of writing, nothing seems to matter and my mind focuses on the task at hand. I would go into a trance, sort of like a dreamy state of existence where all my thoughts get magically transformed into prose.

There is even a term to describe this! I found it on our dear beloved Wikipedia.

Flow is the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. Proposed by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the positive psychology concept has been widely referenced across a variety of fields.[1]

Colloquial terms for this or similar mental states include: to be on the ballin the zone, or in the groove.

Now it seems I lost this magical flow state. Have you ever experienced this? The mental state where you could not seem to care less even when bombs are exploding around you? I always felt like that whenever I wrote essays, especially during the good old PBK times. Ever felt the wonderful, almost exciting state of scribbling down whatever that comes to your mind and controlling your writing style by subconsciously peppering a bit of flair here and there into your essay? The pleasure of producing something so unique, you knew you would not be able to write it again? Even if you could, you know you could not write exactly the same thing. The Herculean effort of trying to capture everything that flies around in your head and expressing it in a continuous flow of words, the process of trying to squeeze every minute detail you suddenly thought of when you are in the zone – it defies description. I am addicted to it, and I love the feeling.

So I guess whenever I write, I am in the zone. I am in the groove. I am on the ball. Whatever that means. Hey, thanks Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, for discovering flow state. p.s. that is one heck of a name to type.

I really, sincerely hope I will not lose this ‘gift’, or whatever it is called. I love writing, and I hope I can keep it that way, hopefully, with a flow-state mental condition. Otherwise the Internet will be flooded with my poor English.

Then again it would not be a bad thing. *insert evil laugh here*