Why does KTT always have no water?

The plague hit us again. For the second time, my college was hit with a water crisis. It came without warning, save the lone message I received from my housemate informing me about it when I was happily enjoying myself with my fellow classmates on our class trip at Sunway Lagoon.

When we came back to college, the gravity of the situation hit me: I literally cannot do  anything. No water to wash the dishes, no water to wash my clothes, not one single drop of clear, odourless liquid to pamper my body with and to rid myself of sticky, smelly perspiration. Lucky for me, I went to a friend’s apartment to bath. I shudder to think what happened to the others. Many of my classmates even went out all the way to Seremban (or was it Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi?) to escape the drought. The girls were lucky though – their apartments still had water then.

The next day, came the water trucks. Then came the arduous task of carrying water up two floors to where I stay. I did not really do much though – I was at Inti college with some friends. Guess what we did. Yes, we went there just to take a shower. We went all the way to Inti college by taxi, just to savour the sensation of cool clear water washing away the ungodly stench after a day without showering.

My class decided to do something about it. When disaster strikes, people always look for ways to ease the pain. That, we did. We did not have Physics on Tuesday and Wednesday, so me, being the class rep, braved the odds to ask the Chemistry and Biology lecturers to postpone our lectures so some would be able to go home for two days and come back on Thursday. Luckily, they agreed. Therefore a number went back home, including myself.

Ironically, water supply resumed right when we were all ready to go home. Imagine the sheer irony and frustration when you are all packed, ready to leave, and turning on the water tap for a quick check only to find torrents of water gushing down the tap. I felt like bludgeoning the bloody copper water tap to smithereens.

Nevertheless, none of us would pass up the prospect of spending two days away from college. In my case, it would be a one-week retreat as I already sought approval for a leave to come back home to Kuching due to some family matters. Happily, I ignored the whole water supply thing and came back home this morning. The familiar sight of the living room, kitchen and my bedroom brought back nostalgic memories. Suddenly I do not feel like going back to college.

I keep reminding myself that there are only slightly more than 4 more months to go. Keep reminding myself that the journey is still long, while I stood under the new water heater shower in the bathroom, enjoying the sensation.

Life is mundane here

So it is and has been for the past few months. Alas, things come and go without one even grasping what is happening.

Mid-semester results are really terrible. I do not  like  the marks I get.

We are planning to go to Sunway Lagoon for the next Saturday. I have not worked out the plan though.

Being a class rep is really hard work.

That last sentence was totally random.

Going away now.