Wondering how is everybody doing

It is Christmas break now. We have more than a week of free time. For medical students, that means the world to them – more free time to study. Pathetic aiy? Well, after 3 years, I got used to it. Heck, not studying would make me feel guilty and have panic attacks. So better study rather than chilling out.

Yet here I am, chilling. I simply can’t cram anymore stuff into my head. Plus I’m down with flu and fever. Feeling really awful, even breathing is laborious and hard.

I was just browsing through Facebook, looking at people’s profiles when suddenly I find myself looking at old pictures. Made me reminisce about the good old times. Then it got me wondering, how is everybody doing back home. I rarely keep in touch with anyone from my secondary school, except a few really close people.

Kept thinking how things change, how the inevitable will always come no matter what you do to delay it. I doubt those times will ever come back. People move on, get new friends, fit into new environment until eventually they settle down with their own families (whoa, that’s so not gonna happen anytime soon.) Still, it made me think, do people still remember me anyway? The thought made me laugh. I didn’t do anything that warrants such attention. Wasn’t the popular guy in school (in fact I was quite the opposite, I think). Oh well.

People change. Time changes everything. When I think about it, I’m kinda afraid of what the future brings. New environment, new responsibilities, new friends. Slog the hours away in the hospital. I’m sure in another 5 years, I’ll be in front of my laptop, typing a new post about the same feelings that I have right now.

Yet it’s comforting to know that God will always be there, and my family as well. That’s 2 things that’s worth holding on to.

Ah, gotta get back to studies.. exams exams…

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