Super quick little update

So finally I’m at KTT. Safe flight, safe arrival, bla bla. Settled down quite nicely. Its been 2 days since I’m here and frankly, its much better than I initially thought.

This week is purely orientation week. So we’re the noobs and freshies, brought around the college area to know life at KTT. Countless briefings and lots of fun moments with the seniors. I found out that there are 26 Czech-bound students, 29 Poland-bound (if I’m not mistaken), plus a whole big group of Indian-bound dentistry and medic students. I got to know many of the Czech-bound ones, and in such a short time, being in a secluded and isolated place, bound by the same mission and destiny, driven by the same determination, we became very good friends as if we’ve known each other all along. (actually I do, since a few of them are ReCommers)

The college itself is situated in Sepang area, near Nilai. Its basically surrounded by highway, jungle and oil plantation. No significant populated areas nearby. Nilai is just 15 minutes away though, so its still not that bad. At least we can concentrate more on our studies.

After just 2 days, we already found out how A level will be like. Its gonna be hard and I’m gonna grind and fight tooth and nail just to stay in the programme. Aw shucks. First two days were filled with book-buying madness as everybody who cared enough frantically and literally hunted around for seniors’ books. I took the liberty of cornering seniors at every opportunity, asking questions and seeking wise advice. Luckily there ARE a few GRSS senior here. Yay! Anyway I’m currently in book-hunting mode, stockpiling every kind of study material I can get in my apartment. o.O 8D

I’ve gotta run now. Actually now I’m just stealing some time and snuck into the comlab to update the blog. I’ll try to blog more when I have the chance. Buh bye.

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