Sleepy and tired.. but loving it.

Here I am, posting another update.. Borrowing Kian Joo’s lappie. This morning went out with sister who came all the way from PJ just to get me outta this place and have some good ol not-halal MEAT. Bwahaha.

This week had been, well, fun I guess. Stayed up late every night, going to library to study. Really starting to worry. Our lecturers are super duper slow.. Whereas the one and a half year program ones are way ahead of us.. omgwtf.

That being said, I’m really grateful to have so many close friends here.. At least there are some who looks like they are not really that worried. OH well. ==”

Dunno what to say nemore. Its been too long (felt like it) since I last went online, updating crap and spitting out rubbish on my blog.

By the way, something happened this week. It was quite daunting, confusing yet sweet at the same time. Life for me will never be the same. =) Now that I think of it, it really came quite unexpectedly and uncalled for. Life can throw surprises at you when you are least prepared, and it will go equally as fast and leave you yelling “WTF was that for??” then again I think that’s how we grow up. And I think I made the right decision.. I THINK. *shrugs*..

Haih, so much happened in such a short time.


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