Updates galore!

Not much of galore, now that I think of it. Since my last update, life has been busy. Most of my days were occupied with constant revision, study, revision, eat, sleep, study, and pretty much nothing else.

Occasionally we would go jog together and go up a nearby hill with a huge water tank on top. Then we would climb it, even though its a prohibited place (government facility) with barbed wires and locked gates and the whole shebang. We had lots of fun time up there together, with the wind in our faces and the sense of achievement filling our hearts, feeling adventurous and mischievious at the same time. Lol 8D

I really need to post a huge, one-time post about our ‘adventures’ here. Priceless memories..

Nothing much to say.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that we’re having exam. Pre-AS. It is a preparatory exam for us, prepping us for the real big mad thing next month. It’s still not over yet, but the bulk of the difficult papers have passed. Luckily they weren’t that hard. Slowly catching up with the pace.. o.O

And I learnt not to compete with others. Here, where everyone is as good or as bad as you are, to compete is tantamount to putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. The only one I need to beat is myself. I’m thankful enough if I can pass AS level with 3A’s and get a good placement in Czech Republic.

No need compete. No need compete. No need compete.. I have a dear friend to thank for hammering that message into my head. 8D

Looking forward to Wednesday. I’ll go to my sister’s place and stay for a few days before coming back. Precious few days, a treasured holiday of sorts from this… place.

Till then, c ya..

Of cold water and crumbling self-esteem

Silence. It permeates the very air, it penetrates the brick and mortar walls of this isolated college, far from humanity, far from civilisation. Loneliness stabs the mortal heart, pierces it with the screaming agony of realisation of reality.

Everybody’s gone. Everybody. Where have they gone?

Pardon the emo-ish intro. I wanted to try my hand at writing quality prose so this is a good practice.

As to the introduction, the silence part was very much a truth. India-bound students get to go back to their homes on account of the holiday (mid-semester break) while the 1 year programme students don’t have such priviledges. Again, its one of the long list of disadvantages of being in the 1-year programme. Its not that I complain though. Reality sucks and it can whack you in the head, running away and laugh mockingly at times. The college is now more than half-empty. The silence pierces everything. It used to be quite noisy even up till midnight because the cafe is right in front of my apartment, so the noise can easily reach up to the 2nd floor. Now its only 8.50 p.m. and there’s not a single sound of laughter/jeer/noise/whatever.

Plus, its Hungry Ghost Festival. OmGwTfBbQ.

Speaking of which, yesterday and today our test papers were handed back to us. What came as a surprise was the fact that I totally failed Chemistry. I was putting high hopes on it, but it turned out that I did lots of silly and stupid careless mistakes. WtF.. I THINK I flunked it, what with the college’s passing mark being 76 and above if I’m not mistaken. Freakin’ 76, what, does the college think we’re freakin’ robots that are designed to get bloody 120 marks for the first ever test? Then again, its good for us. Pretty effective shock therapy, I’d say. On second thought, shit la. I was aghast. Impossible! Chemistry was one of my best subjects. To flunk it does wonders for one’s self esteem, the situation of which is worsened by the fact that I’m constantly surrounded by antisocial robots who eats books for breakfast. o.O

Luckily I scored 92 for Biology. It didn’t help my self-esteem though, highest mark was 96. Plus, lots of people scored more than 90 (which is grade A according to the college’s standard).

Major boo-hoo.

I feel numbed from the constant reminders the lecturers hurl at us. Top of the list: don’t fool around. Focus. Don’t fool around. Do the past year papers. Don’t play play. Do lots of practise. Don’t lose focus. Don’t find trouble. Don’t play. Don’t shit, don’t eat, don’t crap, don’t breathe. Don’t don’t don’t.

Oh, Mr. Zaini did wonders for my whole class’s self esteem by making a remark which left us gasping for breath and some even fainted:

“Your class’s Physics is hopeless.”

oMgWtFbBq.. o.O .. T.T

No hope. Sickening. Vomit blood. I literally heard the earth-shattering noise of crumbling confidence then.

LOL 8DDDDDD I’m doomed. Wahahahahahhaahahhahahahahhahahahha….

And I’m out of me mind. Macam taik!.. T.T

Post Exam Limbo

The past week had been pretty uneventful, except for the fact that we had our first exam. Thank goodness it was only an internal mid semester exam. Yet, I felt a little apprehensive and doubt that I could do well. First paper was Biology, followed by Chemistry and Physics. The tests took place over the course of 3 days, with 1 paper on each day. Interesting point to note: since we’re in the SAP (super accelerated programme, LOL I made the term up myself :P) we had to take the exam at night. Ain’t that cool or what.

Bio was okay.. Chemistry was challenging but I guess I can survive it.. the acid test came the day Physics was tested. We were told the exam would only cover until Dynamics, as far as Newton’s Laws of Motion. Out came crap like conservation of momentum and definitions of the laws where we had to explain all sorts of bloody crap and draw up equations. What la weih, our lectureres haven’t even reached there.. ==” not putting high hopes on the subject. Bluek. Sidenote: Kian Joo thinks he can’t do well in any of the subjects. He asked me to type this sentence because he’s right behind me now. =_=

I was pretty excited when my sister’s graduation day drew near, but too bad I can’t attend it. My parents came over from Sarawak, so I got the chance to go to KL on Friday. Such a short time spent with family, but very well worth it. Missed 2 days of revision but I think I can compensate for it in these couple of days. Lagging far too behind compared to the rest of my group. Swt la.. they’re so chiong and si beh rajin.. what the.. omgwtfbbq.. I shall not compare with them. Beating my own self is the ultimate aim. Wahaha..

Speaking of which, I think my English standard is deteriorating, slowly but surely. Notice how much my English changed especially the way I blog? Maybe its not so obvious because I talk crap when I blog. I’m afraid I couldn’t produce high-quality essays with bombastic and fantastic words peppered with good prose when the time calls for it – the IELTS exam next year. Swt.. I can’t think in abstract terms and come up with flowery, chim chim stuff anymore. ARghhhHHH. Stewpid. Blame it on A-levels. 8D

Gah. Nothing much to say.. That’s it for now.

p.s. I MISS SARAWAK LAKSA!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s.s I MISS MY SARAWAK FRIENDS!!! If you’re reading this, you know who you are. =)


Bluek.. exam in 3 days. OMGWTFBBQ feel like no matter how hard I study, nothing is getting in. Probably because all the stuff is almost similar to the things we learnt in Form 5.

Sien. Life in KTT is slowly becoming a routine for me. Eat, sleep, pang sai, study, eat, sleep, pang sai, study.. Looking forward to getting out of here when mid-sem exam is over. We’re going to Mid-Valley. Hell yeah 8D … but then speaking of which, our allowance still haven’t been credited into the bank account.. JPA super slow.. people here no more money liao weih..

After mid-sem, class resumes for 3 weeks before the Pre-AS exam.. WTF? This is indeed a super-accelerated program. The word is fast becoming a phrase and is integrating itself into our lexicon. Like how our Physics lecturer, Mr.Zaini says it in his distinctive style and booming voice: ” You cannot afford to fool around.. You are in a super-accelerated program. 1 year will pass by very quickly and everything is super fast. ” o.O no need rub it in lah weih..

Sigh. I really need a laptop. Sometimes I have questions regarding studies of which the answers cannot be found in any reference books.. Need to go search in Internet. But then comlab here is like kanasai.. Internet super slow.. worse than Slowmyx.. The PC is like something out of the Stone Age. Plus mana ada time come comlab just to search for answers? People have better stuff to do la.. Aduh.. I see a friend, he study very high tech one.. laptop one side, book one side, then occasionally type in laptop search for answers.. No wonder his SPM 15A1 and is one of Brand’s High Achievers’ Award recipient.. walao..

Speaking of which, I feel very stupid le being here. Everybody is like super freakin’ genius and super freakin’ hardworking.. Average study hours daily? 5 hours minimum. Average sleep time? 5 hours. OMG these people are like robots.. no need sleep, no need eat, no need pang sai, no social life. Everything is just study study study. Walao.. okay I might be exaggerating. Then again the people here ( I mean the JPA scholars la of course) are really chiong-ing.. not even exam season. I like this kind of dilligent culture though. Far better compared to the outsiders diploma students.. kanasai la.. Why open up diploma programmes for these people.. haih.

I miss Sarawak laksa.. gahhh…

That’s all for now.. nothing more to crap about..

Numb and confused..

Blah.. 2 posts in less than a day..

What the fark.. Not feeling too good. =(

Really ironic.. the irony. Never felt so emo for so long, forgotten how it felt. Now that I feel it again, I am reminded of why I hate it so much in the first place. And I loathe myself for letting me slip into that God-forsaken state of limbo, numbness and confusion.

Which is EXACTLY why I hate emotions. For I am subject to it. And I feel it with such intensity that I hate it.

Why me.

I don’t really wanna care. Yet, not to care would be irresponsible, which is not part of what defines me. I won’t run away from problems, yet, to face it also takes a mountain of courage and emotional strength. SO I’m here, thinking: “God, please don’t let me drain my emotional strength, not again..”

Gahh.. Childish thoughts.

2 more weeks to internal exam. I doubt it will be easy. Trying my best to cope. Study study study..

Sometimes I wonder how the hell did I ace SPM with such… unspeakable torment and despair during that time. I did it before, I sure as hell can do it now. Bring it on.. Gahhh..

THIS IS MADNESS!! THIS IS… me, just being me..


I am a free spirit.. bound to no one but my own instinct and will. Tread not on my dreams, for it shall invoke a vengeful wrath none could withstand. Emotions are my eternal enemies; for it is my vow, for I let not petty feelings control this burning soul – me, forever intent on conquering new heights and defeating my inner demons..

Sleepy and tired.. but loving it.

Here I am, posting another update.. Borrowing Kian Joo’s lappie. This morning went out with sister who came all the way from PJ just to get me outta this place and have some good ol not-halal MEAT. Bwahaha.

This week had been, well, fun I guess. Stayed up late every night, going to library to study. Really starting to worry. Our lecturers are super duper slow.. Whereas the one and a half year program ones are way ahead of us.. omgwtf.

That being said, I’m really grateful to have so many close friends here.. At least there are some who looks like they are not really that worried. OH well. ==”

Dunno what to say nemore. Its been too long (felt like it) since I last went online, updating crap and spitting out rubbish on my blog.

By the way, something happened this week. It was quite daunting, confusing yet sweet at the same time. Life for me will never be the same. =) Now that I think of it, it really came quite unexpectedly and uncalled for. Life can throw surprises at you when you are least prepared, and it will go equally as fast and leave you yelling “WTF was that for??” then again I think that’s how we grow up. And I think I made the right decision.. I THINK. *shrugs*..

Haih, so much happened in such a short time.


Ahoy there from KTT~

I’m now at Inti Nilai campus, borrowing a friend’s laptop just to get online and post an update of my life so far at KTT.

The orientation week just ended. I’m really happy to say that we got the first place for the performance competition. We did really well with the fashion show thing. It was done with lots of creativity and improvisation. All the sleepless nights, staying up till 1 o’clock in the morning, it was really worth it when they announced we’re the winner. If I have the chance I’ll upload the video. Its bloody funny.

Hell yeah, Czech-bound scholars are so united. We’re proud that we’re the craziest group too. Everyone else, including the India and Indon-bound ones are so damn serious and very normal. We (CzechMed) are the noisy ones, the crazy ones, the ones that talk loudly and laugh aloud when eating, the ones that walk around in one big crazy group. I so love my group. I love my new-found friends too. We got bonded to each other in such a short time. Simply amazing.

Tomorrow marks the start of lessons. We’ll start grinding through a hectic 1 year of hellishly difficult stuff – the super accelerated A-levels. In 3 weeks we’ll have our first mid-sem exam. In 3 months we’ll be sitting for our AS exam – Advanced Subsidiary level. OMGWTFBBQ. 3 freaking months. Super kin teo. My housemates all already start reading up. I’ve only started on Bio so far. 8D Good thing is, the lessons themselves aren’t that packed. We have relatively stress-free timetable. Much free time. In short, everything depends on yourself. You have to take initiative to study, take initiative to grind, to get into the madness mode. o.O

THIS IS MADNESS! Looking forward to it though.

Stay tuned for my next update. Yeehaa.

Super quick little update

So finally I’m at KTT. Safe flight, safe arrival, bla bla. Settled down quite nicely. Its been 2 days since I’m here and frankly, its much better than I initially thought.

This week is purely orientation week. So we’re the noobs and freshies, brought around the college area to know life at KTT. Countless briefings and lots of fun moments with the seniors. I found out that there are 26 Czech-bound students, 29 Poland-bound (if I’m not mistaken), plus a whole big group of Indian-bound dentistry and medic students. I got to know many of the Czech-bound ones, and in such a short time, being in a secluded and isolated place, bound by the same mission and destiny, driven by the same determination, we became very good friends as if we’ve known each other all along. (actually I do, since a few of them are ReCommers)

The college itself is situated in Sepang area, near Nilai. Its basically surrounded by highway, jungle and oil plantation. No significant populated areas nearby. Nilai is just 15 minutes away though, so its still not that bad. At least we can concentrate more on our studies.

After just 2 days, we already found out how A level will be like. Its gonna be hard and I’m gonna grind and fight tooth and nail just to stay in the programme. Aw shucks. First two days were filled with book-buying madness as everybody who cared enough frantically and literally hunted around for seniors’ books. I took the liberty of cornering seniors at every opportunity, asking questions and seeking wise advice. Luckily there ARE a few GRSS senior here. Yay! Anyway I’m currently in book-hunting mode, stockpiling every kind of study material I can get in my apartment. o.O 8D

I’ve gotta run now. Actually now I’m just stealing some time and snuck into the comlab to update the blog. I’ll try to blog more when I have the chance. Buh bye.