Ahoy there from KTT~

I’m now at Inti Nilai campus, borrowing a friend’s laptop just to get online and post an update of my life so far at KTT.

The orientation week just ended. I’m really happy to say that we got the first place for the performance competition. We did really well with the fashion show thing. It was done with lots of creativity and improvisation. All the sleepless nights, staying up till 1 o’clock in the morning, it was really worth it when they announced we’re the winner. If I have the chance I’ll upload the video. Its bloody funny.

Hell yeah, Czech-bound scholars are so united. We’re proud that we’re the craziest group too. Everyone else, including the India and Indon-bound ones are so damn serious and very normal. We (CzechMed) are the noisy ones, the crazy ones, the ones that talk loudly and laugh aloud when eating, the ones that walk around in one big crazy group. I so love my group. I love my new-found friends too. We got bonded to each other in such a short time. Simply amazing.

Tomorrow marks the start of lessons. We’ll start grinding through a hectic 1 year of hellishly difficult stuff – the super accelerated A-levels. In 3 weeks we’ll have our first mid-sem exam. In 3 months we’ll be sitting for our AS exam – Advanced Subsidiary level. OMGWTFBBQ. 3 freaking months. Super kin teo. My housemates all already start reading up. I’ve only started on Bio so far. 8D Good thing is, the lessons themselves aren’t that packed. We have relatively stress-free timetable. Much free time. In short, everything depends on yourself. You have to take initiative to study, take initiative to grind, to get into the madness mode. o.O

THIS IS MADNESS! Looking forward to it though.

Stay tuned for my next update. Yeehaa.

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